"Beit el Diafi is the house of compassion and dignity to many Lebanese"

We are convinced by our human mission, which helps us forget our fatigue (Father Atallah)

About Us

Beit El Diafi is a lebanese non profit organization that helps poor people. It’s main location is at Jounieh.

Beit Al Diafi kitchen opens for free four times per week Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays . Beit Al Diafi help poor families living at the mountains via clothes, food…; they assist the elder and pay school tuitions for kids in need.


Beit al Diafi  is committed to several areas of assistance:

  • Insuring school payments for families having more than 4 children
  • Providing food for the restaurant in Jounieh
  • Providing food in Jounieh nearby for poor people not being able to come to the restaurant

The harder the economic living conditions, the demand for fundraising is increasing.